Borastapeter Wonderland Wallpaper

Welcome to Hanna Werning's universe a place for never ending stories where colours and patterns form a magical, stunning back drop to a fantasy world that never ceases to amaze you. The designer and illustrator Hanna Werning makes a new guest appearance at Borastapeter and once again, she sets her intuitive talents free on wallpaper patterns. Borastapeter Wonderland Wallpaper range is a collection where every print has its very own story waiting for you to discover. Like Korallang where the corals of the sea flourish on a summer meadow and bunny rabbits take deep breaths and dive deep underneath the surface. Or Molntuss where dots take on the shape of clouds a chubby, woolly, fluffy blanket that is not clear to the eye unless you take a small step back. While Stjarnflor is where mother nature changes into all its different costumes right before your eyes and see how the stars become a twinkling blanket that sweeps down over our lives in fine diffuse circles Hanna's penchant for drawing all that grows wild and free has an added playful twist in this collection along with a reflective undertone, only noticeable to those who get close enough. Explore the entire range of Borastapeter Wonderland Wallpapers available online at TM Interior.
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