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Arte Vertigo Wallpapers

Arte Vertigo offers a captivating luxury wallpaper experience for your interiors. This high-end wallcovering envelops your walls with a shimmering, tactile fabric, creating a mesmerizing moiré effect reminiscent of gentle water reflections. Crafted with high-gloss lurex fabric, a textile fibre with metal yarn, this designer wallpaper collection showcases hypnotic wave designs, with each metre of textile being completely unique. With Vertigo, you invite an exceptional and enchanting visual experience into your home.

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Arte wallpapers new textile wallcovering covers your walls with a cuddly, shiny fabric. The waving motions, characteristic of the so-called moireé-effect, can appear like the soft gentle reflections in water. Arte Vertigo is a wallcovering has a mysterious side where each day it is different, but it is always surprising. Vertigo revolves completely around one design that was given the name Moire. This new wallcovering was developed with high-gloss lurex fabric, a textile fibre with metal yarn. This makes it a high end luxury wallcovering and combined with shiny metallic colourways like gold, silver and copper when used it can creates a real eye catching interior. Moire is therefore a fabric backed wallpaper and with the moireé-technique applied to the fabric waving, hypnotic motifs are created completely at random which therefore makes each metre of textile unique and an exceptional wallcovering into your home interiors. Buy Arte Moire wallpaper online at TM Interiors Limited.