Arte Oculaire Wallpaper

Arte Oculaire wallpapers embodies tropical modernity and adds to the tropical theme in the interior design world where natural materials such as rattan, reed and sisal are becoming ever more popular. This range adds character, texture and warmth to your interior with a touch of the exotic, and is why Arte Wallcoverings developed Oculaire , a range of hand-made wallcoverings of sisal fibres. The five designs consists of contemporary and playful patterns that have a subtle tropical vibe, and with these luxury wallcoverings you add something very special to your home because the sisal is woven by hand, and ultimately sisal is a natural material that can give the feel of warmer climates when used in home interiors. Combine is a herringbone motif which can often appear busy, but by implementing it with sisal, the design gets a much softer and more natural look while making your room appear higher. The Insignia design combines the botanical trend with geometry in a modern take. The shades of colour in the wallcovering guarantee a soft transition in the pattern, and by working with these structures and forms you can bring nature into your home in a distinctive way. Metric plays with various forms and figures that together result in a fascinating pattern. Based on a tile formation and available in a number of colourways. With Arte Unite wallcovering, circles appear to come together by means of an optical illusion. The contrasting lines and colour variations in the pattern give an extra dimension to the design. Finally, Line is the plain that makes this collection complete. No striking patterns here, but a plain wallcovering that radiates peace and warmth. Line is also manufactured from sisal, making it a perfect combination with each of the designs from this collection. So opt for a feature wall from one of the other designs and then use Line to complete the rest of the walls. Buy the full range of Arte Oculaire Wallcoverings online at TM Interiors Limited.
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