Arte Metal X Wallpaper

Arte Metal X Wallpapers could best be described as perfect imperfection. This Metal X Wallcovering is an ode to oxidised metal, but thanks to its soft sheen creates a luxurious effect and is perfect addition to home d?r or interior design schemes that perhaps focus on the urban loft style theme. Luxurious materials such as marble, velvet and metallics have been gaining in popularity for some time now. The mutual combination of these materials creates a truly opulent interior. The great thing about metallics is that they have both a luxurious and industrial feel. Expressed easily in the Arte Metal X Wallcoverings as the whole concept focuses on one design, Stellar, which is available in 24 colours. Not just restricted to the traditional metallics of gold, chrome and copper, the range also includes fresh colours such as pink, green and blue. The substrate of metal foil used on this wallcovering creates its own unique reflection of light. This means the pattern looks different when viewed from different angles and creates a dynamic feel in the room. The metal foils are coloured in such a way that they take on the natural hues and authentic look of metal to really help make your walls stand out in a unique way. Buy the full colour spectrum of Arte Metal X online at TM Interiors Limited.
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