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Arte Icons Wallpapers

Icons charms with its versatility of materials, all established values in interior decorating, such as shagreen leather (galuchat), bouclé fabric, metal accents and rattan. However, the application of these evergreens on the wall is extremely surprising and original. Typical are the various geometric patterns that show a striking block motif. Not only the warm material mix is a surprising factor, the varying incidence of light and the play of matt and gloss also give an extra luxurious dimension.

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The Icons Walllcovering range from Arte includes seven designs that charms with its versatility of texture and materials, that are all established values in interior decorating, and include shagreen leather (galuchat), boucle fabric, metal accents and rattan. The designs include Platinum, Shagreen, Waffle Weave, Rattan, Curve, Symbiosis and Latu. Their Curve Wallpaper design is probably the most iconic design within the range as the textile is made of a warm 3D bouclé fabric. The design features round, soft shapes with a hint of vintage, and incorporated into a subtle grid. While the pattern of Waffle Weave creates structure on the wall in a subtle and refined way by using a technique that weaves together strips of paper that forms a waffled effect. The design of Rattan has not only been popular finish in interiors in recent years this Rattan Wallpaper made from a hand-woven material creates a timeless, warm look. Thanks to the shading of the natural fibres, a nuanced shadow play of light and dark is created. This effect is enhanced by a background in silver, cream or black. The varying reactions to light in all of these luxury wallcoverings give an extra dimension.