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Arte Flamant Les Mineraux Wallpapers

The Flamant Les Minéraux collection draws inspiration from the rugged landscapes of the French Côte d’Opale. The harsh cliffs and the unyielding wind whipping up the sand have informed this collection's aesthetics, blending raw nature with refined luxury wallpaper designs. This collection is part of the brand Flamant - The Wallpaper Collection, a collaboration with the Belgian interior design label Flamant.

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For Arte Flamant Les Minéraux wallcoverings, specialist Arte wallpapers explored the windy French Côte d’Opale, and four designs are featured in the Les Mineraux ranges.

The Opale wallpaper design is the most plain option, and comes in no less than 30 different colours. You will undoubtedly recognise the eternally popular linen pattern in the background, to which we have added rough brush strokes this time. The effect is somewhat reminiscent of the special and expensive textured painting technique that is sometimes used in exclusive villas. Variations on this theme are the Portel and Touquet Wallpaper. The former features a striped pattern, the latter a chequered pattern. They both come in five different colours. The rugged textures of sand, chalk and granite are most apparent in the Escalles Wallpaper. Here we have used real sandstone for the pattern. Escalles comes in four colours. The colour gradations in this collection are peaceful, sometimes also matte and perfectly suited to a natural colour range, which includes eggshell, beige and sand, rusty and earthy shades as well as watery green, coral and various greys and browns. Soothing colours in other words, making them easy to use in any interior and a popular choice. Explore Arte Flamant Les Mineraux wallpapers online.