Arte Flamant Les Memoires Wallpaper

Arte Les Mémoires Wallpapers are described as a nostalgic adventure, as it unites nine patterns to let you drift off to the past memories or experiences inspired from travels, sultry summer evenings or scenes from your youth. Arte Wallpapers and Belgian interior design brand Flamant have joined forces once again for another stylish Arte Flamant Wallpaper collection which uses the same linen look and feel as their Arte Flamant Les Unis collection, and this range of nine designs have been created to combine perfectly with the other patterns and plains to allow you further scope in your home décor or interior design schemes. For us the standout designs would have to be the homage paid to the tradition and skill of the craft of pottery in their Céramique Wallpaper design which presents a collage of ceramic plates in fine details of numerous drawings which creates an intriguing, slightly vintage tableau. Their Bouton d'or Wallpaper has a nice elegant design of the humble buttercup that draws your attention, and implies with this floral pattern means that spring is never far away. The tropical and exotic theme are also represented in this collection with their L'Aaventure wallpaper pattern which features large leaves that on the pattern overlap each other, creating an interplay of lines which creates a surprising, dynamic effect on this wallcovering. Expedition is designed to take you on a trip through an imaginary jungle in your own home and the linen really gives the wallpaper an amazing effect and feel. The collection also features further historic and oriental inspired designs so well worth a browse. The full range of Arte Les Mémoires Wallcoverings are available to buy online at TM Interiors Limited.
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