Arte Expedition Wallpaper

A luxury wallpaper range from Arte, The Expedition wallpaper collection has five high end wallpaper designs of real luxurious quality, that explore exotic destinations to create stunning designer wallcoverings that appeal to our imagination. These five designs have either been created on silk textile backdrop or have a metallic effect that means ultimately these are expensive wallpapers. The stand our design must be Silk Road Garden that features a Bengal tiger on a panoramic design that appears out of the forest, while you take in the lifelike vegetation and hear the call of exotic birds. Printing on a real textile with a natural look a truly remarkable and luxury wallpaper. Java explores our love of botanical designs with a hand-painted wallcovering that displays an abundance of tropical leaves in a fashionable style. Sumatra pursues the tropical theme further with a design that captures a tropical rainforest with the most diverse fauna and floral. Tasar is a high end textured wallcovering inspired by real silk, and Eri also depicts an open weave silk that is applied on a base of precious high-gloss foil, to create a fantastic designer wallpaper.
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