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Arte Antigua Wallpaper

Drawing from the heart of time-honored traditions, Arte's Antigua collection serves as a tribute to the enduring value of classic crafts in our contemporary world. Esteemed skills, including painting, drawing, and sewing, embody the very essence of this designer wallpaper collection, reflecting an admiration for professional expertise we continue to respect and cherish today. Every design within the Antigua collection is imbued with a tactile, textile-like warmth, resonating with luxury wallpapers' aesthetic and feel. Some patterns echo the pure, understated elegance of linen, while others captivate with the textured allure of bouclé. An intentional layer of authentic patina graces each design, accentuating the timeless beauty of these intricate pieces. The Antigua collection is more than just wallpaper; it's a testament to the intersection of art and craft, history, and modernity.

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Explore the Antigua collection to appreciate the versatility of its designs. The 'Pentagono' design, with its graphic pentagonal pattern and the tactile feel of boucle, is an abstract lover's delight, available as vinyl rolls. Then we have the 'Ritorto' design, a semi-plain wallpaper that emulates the inviting texture of boucle. 'Stagionato,' another gem in the collection, features a floral, authentic print on a linen-look base, offered in vinyl rolls. Lastly, the Tropicali design mesmerizes with its Old English-style tropical scene on a boucle textile base, bringing a slice of the tropics indoors. As you peruse the Antigua collection, you'll discover the brand's commitment to designer wallcoverings that embody timeless craftsmanship and modern elegance. The Tintura design encapsulates this with its pure woven linen look and texture, available as vinyl rolls.