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Arte Alaya Wallpapers

Arte's Alaya collection whisks you away on a journey through the history of the Silk Road. Over 2000 years after its establishment, this vibrant and adventurous route continues to inspire. The Alaya collection embodies the path's spirit, featuring luxurious wallcoverings that recount the Silk Road's tales of exchange and cultural interaction.

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Dive deeper into the Alaya collection and discover its enchanting designs. First, we have the Banyan design, a dreamy fantasy landscape that mirrors the allure of pure silk, available as textile panels. The 'Katan Silk' design effortlessly captures the elegance of light, luxurious silk, offered as vinyl rolls. Moving forward, the 'Manali' design paints a timeless image of the traditional mountain villages of the Himalayas, with Buddhist prayer flags swaying gently in the wind. This evocative textile design is sold by the metre. Lastly, meet Saranda, a tribute to the rolling hills of India's Saranda forest, beautifully rendered on textile metres. Alaya's luxury wallcoverings allow you to experience the wonders of the Silk Road from the comfort of your home.