Anthology Anthology 07 Wallpaper

Anthology Wallpaper introduce Volume 07, inspired by man’s interaction with the natural world they describe it as evocative. Whatever their description the collection references ten diverse wide-width wallcoverings that tell a story from two sides of the design spectrum, inspiration from fossils and concrete contrast against the fluidity of rippling waters in this beautifully designed and technique rich collection. Techniques witnessed on designs such as Escheresque a stunning wallpaper that is digitally printed on natural cork, where Cork is an exciting new addition, not just for its beautiful aesthetic, but also for its environmental and acoustic benefits. Tectonic is also an impressive design that is silk screen printed onto natural cork and crafted in a spontaneous manner, at speed and before the paint dries. The layering of light and dark builds to create a mesmerising and intriguing wallpaper that is full of movement and energetic and infinite at the same time. Refraction has mirrored brush strokes with twists of colour that give the illusion of fabric on the wall in this painterly Anthology wallpaper that is embossed throughout. Luxurious beaded embellishments bring a distinctive, sophisticated style to other designs within the range so browse and buy the full range online at TM Interiors Limited.

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