Anthology Anthology 02 Wallpaper

The Anthology 02 wallpaper range follows on where the popular 01 series left off and comprises of a selection of urban-inspired designs and glamorous textures, a combination of structural motifs with subtle organic undertones. Popular designs have been Foxy with its metallic highlights and vintage design inspired by the foxing on an antique mirrored or metallic surface creating a softly distressed and aged effect. Bloc is also a clever fusion of tessellating blocks resulting in a series of organic patterns that adds both texture and graphic interest to a series or statement wall. Stucco is also of the same vein in that a complex motif combining different surface elements such as wood and metal layered together to create a distressed texture and ideal for an urban or modern industrial interior. Delve into the collection and explore the concept of tactile, tessellating shapes that create a structure and form, either individually or fitted together within the 02 range. Buy online Anthology 02 wallpapers at TM Interiors Limited with their recommended wallpaper adhesive.

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