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Asiatic rugs Classic Heritage collection features timeless designs in sophisticated style which will bring you a rug for your floor with long lasting appeal. If your requirement is a traditional rug, then browse this range of the finest oriental and Persian designs that are refreshed for the present day. Hand Knotted effects are re-created using authentic yarns to weave attainable originals. Amira nomadic in look and Moroccan in style are berber rugs in original patterns. While Victoria is the total opposite a classic rug design with its delicate and graceful shiny scroll designs are the latest additions to the Asiatic Classic Heritage range. More classic designs are represented by Chobi, Agra Twist and Bokhara all come with an authentic look and feel. Viscount and Windsor bring that almost regal feel to the collection and will add some royal flavour to your floor. The exception must be the Reform design where old and antique rugs are cleaned, and reformed to create diverse Patchwork rug designs that are each unique.