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Zoffany Icons Fabrics
Zoffany Icons Fabrics is where the brand celebrates some of the most exceptional design influences of recent time. The range of domestic fabrics features a divine curation of standout weaves, embroideries and prints, representing different cultures and eras. Each of the 11 stunning fabrics that make up this collection have been chosen for their individual merit, with hero designs from famous art houses sitting alongside inspiration from France, Japan and Africa. Les Dames may be the design that captures the eye immediately as quick expressive brushstrokes capture faces across the design. While London 1832 is a wonderful view of London from that time and taken from an original Zoffany archive design, featuring inspirational landmarks and some of the capital's most famous roads, and the fabric is printed in England. However, their Nootka fabric draws our attention with its overlapping leaves create a 3D effect, displaying a shimmering contrast against a backdrop of matt and shine it has an incredible level of detail. Verdi Applique is also a stunning velvet applique which is embroidered creating exquisite detail and light reflecting qualities on this abstract motif that sits on a richly coloured 100% linen ground. Distinctive new designs reside confidently amongst archive pieces from the Zoffany library, where breath-taking representations on the finest fabrics, showcase a masterclass in technique.
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