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Zoffany Arcadian Weaves

Zoffany Fabrics introduces ARCADIAN WEAVES, a collection inspired by the grandeur of Hampton Court's heraldic beasts. Each fabric in this luxurious upholstery weave collection is designed to be both hardwearing and aesthetically pleasing. They align flawlessly with the broader Zoffany portfolio, providing decorators with a versatile palette suitable for both contemporary and traditional settings. This collection beautifully bridges the gap between past and present, ensuring every design feels timeless. The Dragon Flamestitch, inspired by the valorous red dragon of Wales, showcases a meticulous Italian flamestitch technique, blending tradition and durability. Meanwhile, the Seymour Spot fabric, influenced by Jane Seymour's heraldic symbol, boasts distinctive spots and pays homage to a legacy found in the Zoffany archive and Hampton Court's Privy Garden.For those who wish to seamlessly integrate these fabrics into their homes, we provide a range of services including custom made curtains UK, made-to-measure curtains, and bespoke headboards tailored to your specifications.

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