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Zinc Pantelleria Prints Fabrics
Pantelleria, Italy's elemental island, plays host to this audacious yet sophisticated communion of statement patterns, rich textures and vivid colours, that offer an incredible assortment of refreshing designs for the brave and the bold. The island's windswept shores and sand coloured buildings provide the perfect backdrop for this collection of decorative prints. A melting pot of cultures, Pantelleria Prints is inspired by the rich colours and simple yet eye catching designs from the Ottoman Empire. Classic designs have been reimagined in a signature Zinc style, a large scale Ikat embellishes rugged jute, while watercolour washes and an abstract geometric ornaments a convincing faux silk, offering an assortment of qualities that are as varied as the designs on them. A mixed palette of mellow pinks and purples, emerald green and rich blues, warm terracotta and soft grey injects sophistication and personality into the designs.