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Zinc Leather Volume I

Experience an eruption of texture and character with Zinc's 'Roccapina'. Named after the rugged shores of Corsica, this collection is filled with unctuous tactility and rustic charm. Discover a mix of fabrics from relaxed linen to embroidered velvet and printed chenille in this compendium, all with a weathered, lived-in vibe.

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A treasure trove of rich and sophisticated textures, Zinc's 'Leather Volume I' offers an array of styles like the buttery soft Harrison Nubuck and the classic, malleable Jimi Leather, perfect for tufted furniture. Experience the natural grain and polished surface of Jimi Leather, or the hefty weight and characterful grain of Marley Leather that embraces a lived-in appearance. Finally, let the chic and comfortable Stevie Leather with its matte finish, reminiscent of classic car upholstery, capture your heart. Whether used in upholstery, cushions, or custom made headboards, these leathers make a statement. At TM Interiors, we offer a variety of additional services, such as custom curtains, bespoke curtains, made to measure curtains, and custom headboards. Our expert team is always ready to offer design advice and assist clients in incorporating these collections into their home or project.