Zimmer Rohde Talents Fabric

Zimmer + Rohde Talents Fabrics
The new Zimmer + Rohde collection comprises a selection of sophisticated fabrics that range in style from arresting charisma to subdued elegance. Each individual fabric has its own special talent. Talents is full of exciting alternations between strong expression and reticence, expressive weaving techniques and fine yarn, colour accents and natural tones. The upholstery and transparent fabrics in this collection embody all these different traits and complement one another beautifully, forming a gorgeous ensemble that allows each talent to shine, as solo acts or in harmony.Twist and Tulipan boast striking colours such as aqua, mustard and berry tones. Tulipan also impresses with its modern take on flowers – its floral print consists of impressive brushstrokes with a special flair and depth. Twist also makes a strong impression. It features dense, two-tone embroidery that creates a modern, three-dimensional graphic against a satin background. Spice is also supremely talented in its own right, constituting a work of high textile art. Its vivid woven look, which represents a tremendous feat of craftsmanship, boasts shimmering Lurex threads, a soft drape and an elegant design – overall, this fabric is unmatched. Meanwhile, Cloud proves that still waters run deep. Buy the full range online.
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