Zimmer Rohde Destinations Fabric

Zimmer + Rohde Destinations Fabrics
This year, the Zimmer + Rohde Destinations Fabric collection chronicles the fascination of travel. From the Nordic elegance conveyed in the abstract landscape motif of the Atlas fabric design that evokes untouched mountain scenery. This fabric features a modern digital print on relaxed linen satin, collaged marble structures with soft silhouettes in warm, earthy shades. To the Cosmopolitan Fabric design that evokes the Russian avant-garde art as well as urban design in major cities, it has a very clear, elegant and confident look. A precise digital printing technique was applied to the fabric, extending a highly graphic motif across the finely threaded, dense and softly draping cotton satin, very nice indeed. The Festival design is a meticulous all over embroidery fabric of their that creates a feast of colours bound by gorgeous textile artistry. Walk over and see the Paradiso fabric design that speaks to lush tropics and opulence. Imaginative watercolour-style leaf motifs are layered over one another like plants in a jungle, to create a relaxed linen print makes a strong statement at your window. The Geo pattern, an aptly named geometric fabric design, impresses with an exciting combination of geometric clarity and textile sophistication. Discover more in the luxury Zimmer and Rohde Destinations Fabric collection online at TM Interiors Limited.
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