Zimmer Rohde Cinema Fabric

Zimmer + Rohde Cinema Fabrics
The new collection from Zimmer + Rohde is full of expressive colours and elegant patterns that reference the golden age of cinema and its glamorous stars. The collection has a breadth of diversity in this range of designer fabrics starting with a couple of lavish floral designs. Fiori is an extravagant floral digital print was inspired from the archives, with multi-coloured flowers and leaves unfold their charm on a coarse linen background. Tosca has a design of an abstracted leaf, flower and fruit shapes that extends across the entire width of the fabric. The weight of both fabrics means that they have a particularly beautiful and elegant drape. Amalfi explores a landscape scene with a shimmering embroidery that adorns the matte linen background like an artistic drawing. Some modern fabrics designs can be found when looking at Nizza where fine lines place colour accents and create an all over design on the elegant satin background and Cannes where the dense warp arrangement, combined with various weave effects, creates an attractive and playful modern matte-gloss effect. Portofino is again a fabric with a modern feel with ingenious combinations of circular shapes together with matte and glossy surfaces. Finally Riviera features a contemporary interpretation of a classic design, a decorative Jacquard is woven with a metallic effect thread, which gives the fabric an very nice antique touch. Co-ordinating plains and a check both finish and contribute to the Zimmer Rohde Cinema fabric range in order for you to create glamorous home interiors.
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