William Yeoward Alberesque Fabric

William Yeoward Alberesque Fabrics
William Yeoward Alberesque Fabrics feature upholstery weaves and linen prints that remain a staple of the brands design collections, but this time with the new addition of some luxurious velvets. Alberesque Fabrics are indigo themed eclectic prints, weaves, and velvets from the hand of William Yeoward, and produced in association with Designers Guild. The stunning self-titled Alberesque is a sophisticated embroidered design on substantial alabaster linen cotton that is full of light, and rich in visual complexity reminiscent of engraving. Latea is produced on a viscose linen blend that provides beautiful flow, shimmer, and substance to this bold tribal design. Marlena on the other hand is an ornate printed floral featuring hand-painted buds and stems, on viscose linen rich with natural qualities and in a range of neutral shades from crisper whites to closer to the raw linen. William's palette continues his passion for blue and white to which he is unquestionably loyal, but he offers a refreshing modernity too with the use of grey white and damson.
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