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Latest collections: Central Park    Foundations     Making Our Mark

Originally launched as a boutique company focusing mainly on handmade wallcoverings in 2004, Weitzner has quickly built a reputation for producing stunning high quality fabrics and wallpapers. New for 2021 is the Central Park fabric and wallpaper collection, taking inspiration from both the nature and city energy in and around Central Park; and Making Our Mark, a collection of textiles and wallcoverings inspired by the rennaisance in the arts as a response to the current pace of change. 

Weitzner is committed to combining environmental principles with performance, and offers four ranges of products: Weitzner Handmade, luxury products made by hand by contemporary artisans; Weitzner Smart, forward thinking and innovative products; Weitzner Perform, products perfect for the contract marker in a range special materials, finishes, and constructions designed to exceed industry standards; and Weitzner Indoor ﹢ Outdoor, fabrics designed to compliment your interior and exterior spaces.

Weitzner fabrics are available to buy from TM Interiors, please use the online checkout or alternatively email us or give us a call.