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The Verel de Belval fabric brand is at the heart of the Lyon silk-weaving and is the industry's standard of excellence. It preserves and transmits its rich heritage, but also innovates and reinvents it. Because of this, it has been recognised as an Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant. Its objective is to create contemporary silk expressions using unusual fibres and traditional techniques. Because of their expertise, the spirit of innovation drives their efforts. The brand has been creating outstanding upholstery, drapery, cushions, and headboards since the late 19th century. Since 1912, the Verel de Belval firms have reinvented the most beautiful damasks, the most complicated lampas (particularly the Fontainebleau lampas created using metallic thread, the gentlest green silk background, or the equally lovely and costly Madame de Pompadour lampas in powdery creams created using vibrant coppers), and sumptuous taffetas in order to bring a unique touch of French style to curtains, upholstery, and wallcoverings. Grandiflora is the newest addition to the collection and was inspired by a 19th-century Mathevon et Bouvard letter from the Hermès textile archives. The luxury fabric Verel de Belval brand builds innovative collections by drawing on an exceptional archive of fabrics covering four centuries of textile history. Trend books and valuable patterns and drawings from this collection of soft furnishings are used to inspire their designs.