Thibaut Chestnut Hill Fabric

Thibaut Chestnut Hill Fabrics
With a nod to early European style, Thibaut Chestnut Hill fabrics range is a classic collection of sophisticated embroidery, print and woven fabrics, with many of the designs found in a co-ordinting wallpaper collection of the same name. A soft and traditional colour palette is embraced with warm neutrals and hues of peacock blues, graceful greys, and deep crimson reds. With design names like Macbeth, the Sir Thomas Embroidery and the design of the Royal Toile fabric you can see the correlation with Europe, our particular favourite pattern design has to be the impressive geometric design of the Benedetto fabric which looks great when paired with the Chardonnet Damask design wallpaper. Thibaut made sure many of the patterns were reproduced with aged or worn effects that resemble the look and feel of the original artwork.
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