Scion Zanzibar Fabric

Scion Zanzibar Fabrics
Scion Zanzibar is a relaxed collection of hand drawn motifs and abstract designs across a range of eight prints, five weaves, two embroideries and a velvet. Inspired by the Barbican Conservatory and surrounding brutalist architecture, Zanzibar pairs tropical palms with casual linework, hard edged geometrics and energetic prints to create a collection of juxtapositions. Sassy flamingos strut across a printed satin, layered with beautifully expressive brush marks to create an inky look in the self titled Zanzibar fabric. While Beton is a bold, uplifting design of architecturally inspired geometrics is printed on a sumptuous velvet giving a lovely soft feel. Emulating botanical gardens, and a great look for curtains, their Padua fabric design features artistic brushstrokes that will bring a freshness to modern interiors, and it comes printed on 100% cotton for a crisp abstract look. The range is coloured in a relaxed combination of pastel shades with contrasting vibrant tones. A light and refreshing pastel palette with colours such as Blush, Raffia and Glacier feature throughout, with punchy, expressive highlights like the aptly named Citrus, Paprika and Gecko providing tonal variance across the range.
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