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Romo Black Kuboa Fabrics
Romo Black Kuboa fabric collection houses textured weaves that are the epitome of sophistication, as this luxurious collection of decorative upholstery weaves presents unique designs on intriguing textures. When you study designs like Kuboa which is a colourful and chunky basket weave that displays twisted and knitted yarns with tonal variation to create stunning colour combinations as a sophisticated upholstery weave, you can understand the intricacies in each textured weave. There are lush cut velvets included in the range like Romita a lustrous jacquard velvet adorned with an interesting abstract geometric design that is reminiscent of natural rock formations, that can bring life to upholstery pieces. While Tulua can really set the scene with a finely woven, multi-toned chenille stripe incorporating a space dyed yarn that creates again another stylish, upholstery weave. Eight designs explore combinations of sumptuous cut velvets, innovate weaves and textural semi-plains that are united by an entirely modern, atmospheric palette so discover your perfect upholstery fabric here in the Romo Black Edition Kuboa fabric range.

Please also note we are not permitted to export any of The Romo Groups products outside the EU.