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Osborne and Little Taza Fabrics
Osborne and Little Taza fabric range is a collection of patterned embroideries of Moroccan inspiration with supporting plain fabrics. Named after the city TAZA in the north of the country located in a mountain pass between the Rif and Middle Atlas ranges. A scaled down collection but with three standout and eye-catching designs as you come to expect from O&L. From the elaborate roundels set on a plain linen ground displayed on Temara in an exuberant variety of colour and pattern which makes for a great curtain fabric, to the trellis of colourful patterned diamond shapes embroidered in relief on a satin ground on their Tarabouche fabric design. With an artisanal textured vertical embroidery stripe in striking colours in the form of Zouina. Even though the range is paired back with two accompanying Taza Satin and Taza linen plains this collection has enough variety with colour combinations evoke Berber traditional weaving including charcoal with silver and mint, ginger with aqua, stone with peacock and mandarin.