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The Nobilis Massalia fabric collection gives prominence to the weaving of natural fibres, the matiness of the materials, vegetal and mineral inspired patterns as well as stripes, drawing its inspiration from the Mediterranean. Whether it is embroidery, jacquards or prints, every curtain and sheer from this collection is available in double width. For example, available in four colours Maddalena sheer fabric is a double width and can be used in both directions, the dotted embroidery design unfolds like light volutes on a 100% linen background and this double-width sheer is available on backgrounds in ochre colours and shades of clay. Athena comes in three charming colour variations the English embroidery creates a visual light and shade effect on linen bases with a design that explores wild grasses that gently spread their foliage. Cedre is also a stunning double-width voile offering a pattern of branches in drop shadow that seems to sway on a window. Explore these sheer curtain offerings and buy by the meter online or consider our made to measure sheer curtain services.