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Lizzo Inedit

Inspired by the exotic designs of the Art Nouveau Movement, Lizzo's Inedit collection seduces with its curvilinear elegance and sinuous lines. This eclectic and contemporary collection features a wide range of attractive jacquards, refined embroideries, and upholstered textures, exuding personality and dimension. Each design seeks a cohesive aesthetic, creating a luxury of contrasts with shadow and light, satin and natural finishes, and sumptuousness with serene sobriety. The collection's earthy tones, ivory, ochre, intense blues, and deep greens bring balance and enhance its allure. TM Interiors offers various additional made-to-measure curtains, blinds, and upholstery services, along with design advice, to assist clients in achieving the perfect interior design and decoration for their homes or projects.

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