Lelievre Riviera Fabric

Lelievre Riviera Fabric
The latest Lelievre Riviera Fabric range in 2018 is about The South, and those words conjure up images of the regions with unique colours; of that glowing light that at once sculpts the landscape and enhances everything it touches. Images of lazy afternoons, after strolling through the country side picking laurels, basking in that particular golden warmth of the late afternoon. Images also of the Mediterranean Sea, its mirages, its mystery, the magic of its crystal clear reflections, and its glinting golden treasures. The beautiful atmosphere of this fascinating region has inspired the Lelièvre Signature 2018 collection Riviera, a tribute to The South’s timeless aura. Found within the range are metallic fabrics that use golden thread and craftmanship to create unqiue curtain and uphosltery fabrics. The collection includes natural and sophisticated upholstery fabrics, horizons and textures, to be used for both luxury curtains to modern accessories. The collection also includes an iconic tapestry, a medium of artistic expression favoured by Studio Lelièvre in recent seasons.
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