Jim Thompson Saracen Fabric

Jim Thompson Saracen Fabrics
Saracen is a range of high-performance fabrics that similarly reflects the opulence of a bygone era. Constructed in Trevira CS, and inspired by Moorish art and architecture and the highly decorative motifs of the Byzantine Empire, Saracen creatively brings together style and durability in equal measure. Explore the interesting Geometric fabric designs embedded in this collection like the Saracen Fabric a wonderful Jacquard woven, Trevira CS cut-velvet is inspired by the colours and patterns found in traditional Byzantine architecture. The repeat trellis motif is a popular pattern, adopted by a myriad of cultures, which evokes the East-meets-West connection that runs throughout this collection. The geometric nature Nasrid fabric is inspired by the striking, geometric tiling that adorns the walls of palaces designed during the era of the Nasrid dynasty, and is available in a number of colourways. Trevira CS yarns have been woven to recreate the textured look and feel, and a dry airo finish has been applied for an enhanced natural handle and texture. Buy the full range of Jim Thompson Saracen Fabrics online at TM Interiors Limited.
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