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Jim Thompson New York Stories Fabrics
Jim Thompson New York Stories is a fabric range that dips elegantly into the past, dramatic patterns of the Art Deco movement are the source of inspiration for this collection. Jim Thompson, who would later fall deeply in love with the East, had his architectural roots in New York where he spent an incredible few years in the City of Dreams, immersing himself in the grand innovative styles of the 20's and 30's. A great collection featuring eleven designs all inspired by the Art Deco period and New York. Central Park is a an exquisite print on 100% linen is available in two exceptional colourways, painting a natural scene in both rich autumnal hues and nostalgic sepia and explores the luxuriant colours found in the natural landscape of Central Park. In contrast Langham explores the cubist movement with iconic geometric shapes of the Art Deco era and is available in five variable colourways. Chanin references the famous Art Deco structure designed by Irwin S. Chanin. This one off embroidery finds inspiration from the embellishments of this iconic building, and another Art Deco Landmark, the famous Waldorf Hotel was a popular haunt for New York's 1930's elite, providing high society with a fun, albeit extravagant, escape is represented as a very stylish art deco geometric design called Waldorf. Harlem is a striking print boasts four vivid and bold colourways that reflect the vibrant buzz of city life found in Thompson's 1930's New York. Buy the full range of Jim Thompson fabrics online.