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Jim Thompson Matmi Fabrics
The word "matmi" or "mudmee" is translated from Thai as "tied threads". These beautiful textiles have their origin in Isaan, in Northeast Thailand, and are the oldest recognized pattern textiles in the world. The method of hand tying and dyeing silk yarns to create hand woven patterns dates back around three thousand years, when silk production was first introduced into this region of Thailand. The women of ancient Siam, Sukothai, Ayuttaya and Angkor Wat wore beautiful matmi sarongs woven in Thai silk, with patterns that are still woven today. Jim Thompson began weaving matmi weft ikats nearly fifty years ago, when Jack Lenor Larsen, a longtime friend of Jim's, brought the craft to the Thai Silk Company. He updated the sarong oriented dyeing and weaving methods to produce longer lengths more suitable for decorative use. Jim Thompson continues this tradition today, in an exciting new collection of silk weaves that use the timeless tradition of tying and dyeing yarns and hand weaving the resulting patterns. We have reached back into our archives to uncover treasures, and have also taken a look forward to create entirely new and modern versions of matmi textiles. Each is a true work of art, a tribute to the incredible skill and craft of Thai textile artisans.