Jim Thompson Illumination Fabric

Jim Thompson Illumination Fabrics
Jim Thompson Illumination Fabric Collection, based on the rich weaving traditions of Southeast Asia and the crafting of hand woven Thai silk, also draws inspiration from other opulent cultures with long textile traditions.Only five designs are featured in the collection, but the signature fabric of the range Illumination combines the beauty of a hand-woven silk ground with an embroidered Chinese inspired peony pattern and is both luxurious and breath taking. Another delightful fabric in the range is Nirvana which takes inspiration from what is considered a sacred fig tree in Buddhism, known as the Bodhi or bo tree, and this charming bo tree pattern woven into this silken fabric draws inspiration from a famous painting of a golden bo tree on the wall of a temple in the old capital of Laos. The design of Ayutthaya draws its name and design from the mural paintings found at Ayutthaya, the former capital of Siam and this printed fabric show scenes of palace life with its elegantly crowned nobles and exotically attired courtiers.
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