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Jim Thompson Gert Voorjans Fabrics
Jim Thompson has collaborated with interior and architectural extraordinaire Gert Voorjans to create an exuberant fabric collection. Sharing Jim Thompson's penchant for vibrance, colour is a key component of Gert's designs. His schemes are notoriously unconventional, always innovative and surprising. Take his Melusine Fabric for example, an enchanting landscape print features luxuriant vegetation, which is painted with flowing brushstrokes in a palette of unexpected, dreamy colours that are reminiscent of the mythological creature, and named for a fairy-like fresh-water spirit of European folklore. Or the Garden Party fabric pattern where a painterly print features a fanciful garden filled with an abundance of fruit. The brilliant colours and flowing linen ground enhances the lively spirit of this playful design. Then is the Melusine Fabric which again delves into the mythical but this time the tiles features mythical creatures instead of traditional scenes of domestic life, it comes printed on a natural linen ground, and it is featured in shades of authentic colour. Gert Voorjans fabrics for Jim Thompson features eighteen very unqiue and different individual designs so please explore their mythical nature and should you find fabrics you like buy online or use our custom made to measure curtain, blind and upholstery services.