Jim Thompson Caravans Fabric

Jim Thompson Caravans Fabrics
Jim Thompson Caravans fabrics is the Jim Thompson collection that pays homage to the ancient travellers who brought luxury goods to the distant corners of the world. The collection comprises of a total of ten designs, a mixture of ikat designs, a couple of geometrics and a plain, but the four designs that stand out to us are. Bassac, named after the River in Cambodia it is a highly detailed jacquard design on silk and cotton truly recreates the 3-dimentional effect of bas-relief sculpture, and the pattern is inspired by the delicate lattice back of a Chinese chair. The floral design of Magnolia is a beautiful floral design, enormous elegant blossoms have been puff printed on linen with a metallic overlay. Gejia bears the name of an ethnic group from southern China renowned for their fine textiles, and the intricate lattice motif superimposed on a sheer base is enhanced with traces of overlaid metallic foil.
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