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Jim Thompson Bardo Fabrics
Bardo is a selection of exquisite and exotic decorative prints that create a dreamlike fantasy realm on silk, cotton, and linen. As homage to this, this latest collection of prints interpreted in a variety of scale, each creating its own mood and theme. The title Brado Fabric is a fanciful menagerie of dragons, birds and tigers are woven with an antiqued effect and colourful weft threads against a rich shade of rustic gold, and the complex and dense weave creates the luxurious appearance of a treasured antique textile. While that design is inspired by classic Asian silk artwork the Oolong Pagoda Fabric is a charming print which draws its inspiration from a trompe l'oeil painting technique. Antique Chinese ceramics are intermingled with lace-like coral branches, tropical flowers and small exotic creatures, creating a dreamlike effect. This would work well with the design that features fantastical dragon creatures dancing across their classic, shimmering two-ply Khemarin hand woven slubbed silk titled Panlong Fabric which is the Chinese word for "dragon". Chevalier is a detailed design that features Horse archers ride through the landscape in this scenic print, adapted from an eighteenth century Chinese lacquered wood screen. now translated as a multihued print on a refined and lightly textured cotton ground that is softened for a subtle hand and drape. The Amazonia Fabric is a tasted of tropical utopia that features parrots and toucans that sing amongst an abundance of flowers and foliage. The drawing of the decoratively patterned print is inspired by ornamental batik style paintings and is brought up to date with a modern two-tone palette of neutrals and clear colour. Other designs include Inca, Kunming, and Sagano with the range. But the complete range of Jim Thompson Bardo Fabrics online and add a little far east inspiration into your home interiors with additional made to measure curtain and upholstery services if required.