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Harlequin Momentum 13 Fabrics

Momentum 13 from Harlequin epitomizes the essence of urban sophistication, mirroring the vibrant energy of cities that come alive after dark. Enrich your space with Harlequin's plush Perplex velvet, featuring a chevron pattern and a contemporary edge, the 3D-like geometric pattern of Triadic, and the modern ikat-inspired ombre of Distortion, all adding a sophisticated touch to any interior. This collection, featuring five richly saturated plush velvets, is perfect for creating custom curtains and bespoke upholstery that add a touch of luxurious comfort to contemporary homes. Suitable for modern and chic interior themes, our made-to-measure services ensure each piece is crafted to perfection, reflecting the dynamic spirit of urban life.

Harlequin Momentum 13 Fabrics
Harlequin Momentum 13 Fabrics
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