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Harlequin Momentum 12 Fabrics

Harlequin's Momentum 12 captures the essence of urban sophistication with organic forms set against smooth lines. Honeycomb structures and city shadows are reimagined in luxurious fabrics that reflect the hues of the natural world. Designs that capture the ingenuity of the range come in the form of Tremolo with its close-up rock formations pattern and has embroidered layers that weave across a matt woven ground and a delicate shine reflects the light in the yarn pattern to nice effect. Adaxial a woven fabric with a subtle iridescent shimmer has some very smart layered geometric shapes that represent the shadows cast by architectural formations, accented by a stitch effect that runs throughout to create a striking appearance and contrasting dark ground. Ideal for custom upholstery and made-to-measure curtains, Momentum 12 is designed to complement both wallpaper and upholstery collections.

Harlequin Momentum 12 Fabrics
Harlequin Momentum 12 Fabrics
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