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GP&J Baker Essential Colours Fabrics

Essential Colours presents a vast array of textured fabrics in distinctive palettes. The collection includes chenilles, herringbones, geometrics, and semi-plain jacquard stripes, ranging from elegant neutrals to vivid reds and indigo. The GP and J Baker Essential Velvet, sumptuous chenilles, smart herringbones, small scale geometrics to semi plain jacquard stripes. The huge array of colours range from sophisticated and elegant neutrals to rich reds, bright peacock and deep saturated indigo. Essential Colours has been created to harmonise with all GP & J Baker collections yet each one will work perfectly in its own right. Designs such as Seismic and Vortex are both examples of the smart style this adaptable collection explores. Designed to complement all GP & J Baker collections, each fabric stands strong on its own, providing versatile solutions for any decor. Our custom services, including made-to-measure curtains, blinds, and upholstery, along with design advice, ensure the Essential Colours collection meets all decorating needs with style and harmony.

GP&J Baker Essential Colours Fabrics
GP&J Baker Essential Colours Fabrics
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