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GP&J Baker Artisan II Fabrics

Artisan II celebrates the artisanal tradition of hand block printing, decorative embroideries, and stitchwork. The collections palette of indigo, charcoal, spice, aqua, and neutrals brings a modern touch to classic techniques. These designs are printed or embroidered on natural grounds, ideal for creating a sophisticated ambiance in settings that appreciate classic craftsmanship. With fetching embroideries like Barbonne and Elvington are paired alongside charming stripes of Millbrook and Tamar, or geometric motives like Thornham or the leaf design of Treen. This classic collection enhances interiors with its refined yet fresh look, and our tailored services offer made-to-measure options and design expertise to incorporate the Artisan II collections understated elegance seamlessly into any design scheme.

GP&J Baker Artisan II Fabrics
GP&J Baker Artisan II Fabrics
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