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Gaston y Daniela Africalia Fabrics

Africalia offers a vibrant collection of mind-boggling luxury fabrics inspired by the diverse cultures of the African continent. Immerse yourself in a world of rich patterns drawn from mud cloths, South African motifs, and designs influenced by the Congo. Our fabrics boast a variety of textures, finishes, and colors, showcasing Africa's diversity. From plains with a twist to Jacquards of various scales, prints infused with botanical and local inspirations, and colorful embroidery with a tribal touch, Africalia is the epitome of African heritage in textile form. Explore our custom curtains, bespoke curtains, and made-to-measure blinds and upholstery services. Let us assist you in creating a masterpiece of interior design.

Gaston y Daniela Africalia Fabrics
Gaston y Daniela Africalia Fabrics
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