Etamine Marche Dakar-Partie de Campagne Fabric

Etamine Marche Dakar-Partie de Campagne Fabrics
Etamine Marché Dakar fabric range reflects the vivacity of a teeming, crowded marketplace in an exotic location. Since ancient times, the market has always been a meeting point for people, wares and cultures alike, and this range of Etamine fabrics explores the vibrant nature of such places. The title fabric Marché is a digital print on a beautiful high-quality linen with a market scene in an exotic setting, and is accompanied by Sandaga with a design motif that consists of proud women in lavishly decorated garments, which is an intricate embroidery on hand-woven tussar silk. Then the range branches out with some lively geometrics in matching bold colourways like Medina an ornamental embroidery with rayon yarn that decorates the elegant taffeta background with bright colours, and in contrast Karite where matte cotton yarns were used for the embroidery here. Dense, two-tone embroidery zigzags across the glossy cotton satin base fabric. The range then contains some supporting striped fabrics some suitable for upholstery found in some great colours be sure to view Gauguin and Cezanne both in keeping with the boldly coloured collection. The collection branches out slightly with the fabrics of Nature and Campagne where using fine Jacquard technique, the designs contrast with the single-coloured background and the motifs have a light, natural and feminine appearance. A really vibrant collection from Etamine fabrics that we help enliven any home interiors space to give a unique feel.
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