Etamine Carnet de Voyage Fabric

Etamine Carnet de Voyage Fabrics
The Etamine Carnet de Voyage fabric range is a travel journal that captures impressions and little souvenirs such as spices, pictures and other fragments of exotic atmospheres. Take their Grace fabric design which is a gentle watercolour depicting a pair of cranes that decorates this pure linen. The grace of the majestic birds gives this printed fabric its special flair, and with restrained elegance, this decoration makes a charming addition to any room. Just like the Pivoine Fabric a dry, cotton-linen quality fabric with classic French colours. It is an ideal flat woven fabric for upholstery and lends a feminine touch to every atmosphere. Taking the florals a step further is their Jardin Fabric which is a floral and leaf pattern, printed on a particularly fine, flowing cotton, that transforms this creation into a vivid printed wild garden. While another eye-catching design is their Jaipur Fabric a bold coloured embroidery is based on a zig-zag motif, and the motif is composed of seven different embroidery colours in a matte cotton. The shades of the four different colourations range from neutral to pastel colours, and from aqua tones to bright red hues. Travel through the rest of the designs and colourways in the Etamine Carnet de Voyage fabric to build an interior in style, and sophistication.
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