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Elitis Farniente Fabrics

Farniente by Elitis is the alchemist of outdoor fabrics, marrying technical fiber prowess with the allure of natural aesthetics. This collection brings an artistic flair to the technical process, featuring vintage-inspired geometrical patterns alongside rich, linen-like textiles that boast a handmade appearance. Farniente is not confined to the waterfront; it's designed to grace patios in Madrid, conservatories in Paris, and rooftops in New York with its fire resistance, UV, antibacterial, chlorine, weatherproof, and mildew-resistant qualities. For those seeking a bespoke touch, made to measure services for curtains, blinds, and upholstery are available, ensuring that these versatile fabrics can be custom-fitted to any design schema, complete with professional design advice.

Elitis Farniente Fabrics
Elitis Farniente Fabrics
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