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Elitis Esprit Fabrics

Esprit by Elitis is a radical return to the raw, natural essence of linen, claiming its place on Earth and defying the passage of time. This collection explores an aesthetic territory unmarked by preciosity, flirting with purity and a monastic austerity. It stands in stark contrast to glitz and opulence, as if to mend the soul. Fragments, inspired by Japanese Boro, reflect the scars of time through a technical feat that imparts a patched, sewn, gathered, and even worn look. Heritage, with its basket weave, dares to assert extreme heaviness and an almost ascetic spirit, revealing a majestic drape. These two creations mimic the art of handicraft, offering raw and authentic beauty featuring linen: one thick and textured, the other a monochrome patchwork. Heritage is basket weave linen, thick and textured, with a soft handle and beautiful drape, while Fragments inspired by Japanese Boro document it has an engrained line that breaks the weave into irregular shapes and adds a nice effect to the surface are of the fabric, a monochrome patchwork. Made with the highest quality linens from France and Belgium, these references are environmentally impeccable. Esprit is for those who seek materials that rethink luxury and exception, ideal for creating spaces that embody a raw and authentic beauty. With made to measure designs that pay tribute to the spirit of linen, Esprit offers an exceptional level of quality and environmental consideration, ensuring that each design project is as conscientious as it is beautiful.

Elitis Esprit Fabrics
Elitis Esprit Fabrics
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