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Elitis Escondido Fabrics

Inspired by Mexico, Escondido fabrics are resolutely unusual with their graphic stripes, harmonious patterns, and extremely soft feel. Showcasing the uneven beauty of ‘hand-crafted’ style weaves, with jacquard for relief and texture, novelty embroidery-effect downy yarns, and a large, boho-style jacquard diamond motif. These double-use fabrics hang perfectly as curtains or cover our armchairs and sofas.

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From the Escondido collection by Elitis, we introduce the Tampico fabric. Crafted from a blend of 68% Cotton, 15% Viscose (Rayon), 15% Linen, and 2% Nylon/Polyamide, Tampico is perfect for curtains and upholstery. Its geometric pattern suits a range of interior styles, including Boho, country, modern, and contemporary. Another offering from Escondido is the Rosarito fabric. Crafted from 91% Cotton and 9% Nylon/Polyamide, this fabric with its striped pattern complements a range of interior styles. Additional selections from this collection include the Xalapa fabric, the Laredo fabric, the Paloha fabric, and the Alma fabric. These unique fabrics with their distinctive patterns are perfect for creating standout curtains, upholstery, blinds, cushions, and headboards. We at TM Interiors offer various additional made-to-measure curtains, blinds, and upholstery services, including design advice on the use of these products. Our team can assist clients in using these collections for interior design and decoration of their homes or projects.