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Elitis Archiutopia Fabrics

The Archiutopia collection by Elitis Fabrics is a visionary journey through the lens of radical architecture. In collaboration with Studiopepe, Elitis contract fabrics deliver a bold statement on luxury upholstery fabric. Indoor-outdoor versatility meets a utopian quest for form and function, marking a departure from the conventional to embrace change. Bauci while an abstract design has an appealing nature and will invigorate a modern piece of furniture. Argia is a smart geometric design and like many of the designs comes in five bold colour options. A semi plain option is included Zirma found with six colour choices. This collection stands as a beacon of emancipation, where each fabric narrates the potential of design to revolutionize spaces. Elitis outdoor fabrics become canvases for abstract expression, capturing the essence of architectural liberation.

Elitis Archiutopia Fabrics
Elitis Archiutopia Fabrics
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