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Clarke and Clarke Animalia Fabrics

The Animalia Fabrics collection, a Clarke & Clarke collaboration with artist Emma J Shipley, presents a realm where the wild and whimsical converge. This line boasts coordinating fabrics and wallpapers that include rich velvets, luxurious satins, and iridescent effects, featuring motifs of tropical parrots, swinging lemurs, fierce tigers, and hand-drawn giraffes. Suited for an array of design styles, from the enchanting maximalist to the contemporary eclectic, Animalia fabrics are perfect for those looking to create custom curtains, bespoke headboards, or opulent upholstery. Each piece can transform your home into a magical narrative. Combine the exotic charm of Animalia with Clarke & Clarke's array of made to measure services to ensure your space is a bespoke paradise, as unique and captivating as the fabrics themselves.

Clarke and Clarke Animalia Fabrics
Clarke and Clarke Animalia Fabrics
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