Clarke and Clarke Animalia Fabric

Clarke and Clarke Animalia Fabrics
Clarke and Clarke Animalia Fabrics is an exciting collaboration with the brand and artist Emma J Shipley, which presents a menagerie of coordinating fabric and wallpaper designs. Which incorporate rich velvets, luxurious satins and shimmering effects to give your home interior a whole new look and different feel. We can't be sure, but no doubt a nod to the style of designs seen from fellow designers Matthew Williamson or Christian Lacroix where the mystic, magical and exotic come together to create this Animalia fabric range that features tropical parrots, swinging lemurs, fierce tigers and delicately hand drawn giraffes. Why not adorn your furnishings with the fierce tigers found on Tigris fabric design, or one of the many other eye catching designs which include names inspired by the tropics and jungle like Amazon, Audubon, Extinct, Jungle Palms, Kruger, Lemur, and Rousseau all available in one collection.
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