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Casamance Ukiyo Fabrics

Ukiyo by Casamance fabrics brings to life the transient beauty of nature and emotions. Inspired by Japanese art, with its delicate strokes and flowing contours, this collection resonates with the spirit of cherry blossoms, mountains, rivers, and changing seasons. Cerisiers showcases the first bloom of sakura on linen, with freshly stenciled white petals capturing the fleeting spirit of spring, enhanced by matte ink for petal texture. Nandina displays the changing hues of a delicate plant through iridescent embroideries. Aso envelops with expansive embroidery, mirroring vast horizons, overlapping stitches, and delicate fringed yarns that sketch soft mountain shadows into the material. These luxury textiles, reflecting the fleetingness of all things, can suit an Asian-inspired or minimalist interior theme. Enhance the elegance with our made to measure curtains, blinds, and upholstery services.

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